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關於我們,自由行套票,travel agent,台灣自由行,澳門自由行,澳門酒店,旅行社,香港旅行社,travelmama,蜜蜜遊

關於我們,自由行套票,travel agent,台灣自由行,澳門自由行,澳門酒店,旅行社,香港旅行社,travelmama,蜜蜜遊 
關於我們,自由行套票,travel agent,台灣自由行,澳門自由行,澳門酒店,旅行社,香港旅行社,travelmama,蜜蜜遊 

Who We Are?

Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊 係 TripAdvisor© 官方合作旅行社,因此我地擁有一個強大資源庫。我地接通左全球好多旅遊訂購網站,你隨時可以係唔同地方,都搵到有關我地嘅旅遊產品。強力合作夥伴包括 TripAdvisor©, Trivago, Tickets for Sports, CityLine, SIA Holidays

Travel MaMa is a travel agency that officially partners with TripAdvisor©, where we get our resourceful data. Lucky enough, we connect our products and service with numerous global travel online booking platforms like TripAdvisor©, Trivago, Tickets for Sports, CityLine and SIA Holidays. There is no easier way to look for us through many of the above channels!

What We Do?

利申,Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊 只係一間香港人開嘅旅行社,有人稱呢種係為左尋找熱情,但其實它不止於此。


We started our business from scratch with our own hands. We don’t usually dream but when we dream, we dream BIG with the belief to strive and excel. Providing the best service in the industry ever? We dare not say that. However, we give 100% devotion to every customer and deliver our best service that we can offer. And yes, that is where our pride lies.

關於我們,自由行套票,travel agent,台灣自由行,澳門自由行,澳門酒店,旅行社,香港旅行社,travelmama,蜜蜜遊 
關於我們,自由行套票,travel agent,台灣自由行,澳門自由行,澳門酒店,旅行社,香港旅行社,travelmama,蜜蜜遊 

How Travel MaMa Work?


We provide air tickets, hotel accomodations, packages and other travel products, we also do travel blogging, discover and share new and interesting spots and things around the world with you. We are easy to get by sending enquiry via different social media platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Snapchat and so on. Experience it now!

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感謝您拜訪 Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊 網站,如果您有行程上與服務有任何想要了解的地方,又或者想搵我哋嘅旅遊顧問傾傾? 歡迎填妥以下表格,我們將會盡快與您聯絡。