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Air Ticket

‧ Welcome to Travel Mama online booking facility. Please go through the following terms and conditions carefully. All online flight bookings on www.travelmama.com.hk are subject to our Website User Agreement and the following terms and conditions. By using this service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and notices. Our goal at Travel mama Ltd (‘Travel Mama’) is to make your purchasing experience easy, efficient and equitable, so we can get you on your way to live events as quickly as possible.

‧ Thank you for booking with Travel Mama.

‧ After payment = Successfully booking (Received total 2 emails)

‧ You will received 1 confirmation email and 1 PAYPAL transaction record email.

‧ Without payment, and the booking will turn as unsuccessful booking, flight seat will auto release in 10 minutes.

‧ Remark: PAID, but you DONT received PAYPAL transaction record , pls contact us to the following email: [email protected] 

**Third Party Payment
‧ Due to Paypal Policy, Third Party Payment is not allowed unless the payer is an immediate family member (i.e. spouse / parent / child ) of the Traveler and the payment is submitted together with a “Third Party Credit Card Payment Authorization Form” duly signed by the payer. Please allow 7-12 working days for payment processing. (Applicable to PayPal) The procedure of credit card verification is as follows : Passengers who paid for travel for themselves and travel companions (passengers in the same booking) with their own credit card, can process the verification at the airport check-in counter by presenting the credit card that was originally used for the corresponding purchase. If the name on the credit card is different from the name in the booking record, the credit card verification should be processed. If the credit card holder is not part of the travel party, he or she must process the verification, the credit card holder must sign an “Third Party Credit Card Payment Authorization Form” before the ticket deadline.

**Service Fee
Service Fees do not include any charges that may be imposed by airlines. Please refer to the conditions stated in the confirmation email for the feasibility of amendment.

Service Fee Per Ticket                       






Ticket Refund


Passenger Name/Gender Amendment


‧ Once your booking is completed, a confirmation page will be shown with our booking confirmation number. We will also email you to re-confirm your full itinerary.
‧ The air ticket fare shown in the electronic ticket is the original air ticket fare, however, we will only charge the air ticket fare shown on the official receipt.
‧ If the passenger’s name does not match with that on the passenger’s passport, airlines reserve the right to deny boarding. Please make sure the passenger’s name matches with your valid travel document before you confirm the booking.
‧ For passports with validity less than six months, you can still make a reservation online. However, please make sure that your passport has at least six months validity (counting from your return travel date) before your departure, otherwise, airlines have the right to refuse you to board.
‧ The passenger’s name cannot be changed once the ticket is confirmed. Please make sure the passenger’s name matches with your valid travel documents before you confirm your booking.
‧ Fraudulent transaction due to bank checking. The electronic ticket will be sent to your registered email account in 3 to 5 working days, except for the exclusive special deal.
‧ ‘Business days’ are defined as Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. ‧ Confirmed reservation is required for entire journey.
‧ Once the transaction is completed, travel product cannot be changed, cancelled, refunded or transferred.
‧ Details of any stops will be given during your booking process and are clearly identified both on the Website and on your itinerary which will be sent to you when you confirm your booking.
‧You are suggested to print out the electronic ticket and bring along with your valid travel document and required visa upon check in.
‧ Price quoted does not include charges for travel documents, national immigration and transit visa, where applicable.
‧ Price quoted does not include excess baggage charges.
‧ Price does not include charges as the result of private transport delays, strikes, typhoon or any unexpected situations, which are beyond our control.
‧ Flight Restriction : refer to Restricted Flights condition.
‧ Price quoted does not include travel insurance.
‧ All accompanied passengers must travel on the same flights and check-in together in the whole journey
‧ Any change on the date and flight of the whole journey will not be allowed.
‧ All flight schedules will be subject to the final decision of the Civil Aviation Department.
‧ According to airline policy, flight segment should be used in pre-determined sequence, otherwise the air-ticket will become invalid.
‧ In most cases, accumulated Mileage award scheme is not applicable to discounted air-ticket / package. All Mileage Award scheme redemption must be approved and confirmed by the airline.
‧ Product or service terms and conditions are subject to airline latest announcement.
‧ If passenger chooses to forfeit the scheduled flight on his/ her own during the journey, the un-used portion is not refundable and passenger can do so at his/her own risk. Travel Mama is clear of any liability.
‧ Those who fail to check-in on schedule, Travel Mama shall not accept any refund request.
‧ By hitting the “confirm” button after filling out credit card information, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Package Conditions

  • In view of foreign currency fluctuations, increasing fuel surcharges, transportation and hotels costs, which lead to the rising costs for travelling, the Company reserves the right to adjust the cost and charge the passengers before departure. If there is any discrepancy between the on-line price and the branch quoted price, the branch quoted price shall prevail. If there is an increase in fuel surcharge after ticket is issued, the passenger will be responsible for the additional charge before departure. There will be no refund on fuel surcharge after ticket is issued.
  • According to the Travel Industry Council instructions, the 0.15% stamp charge on the tour receipt is, for the Travel Industry Compensation Fund, to protect tour travel by the HKTIC (Hong Kong Travel Industry Council).  For details, please contact the Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board.
  • Price quoted does not include transfers
  • Child fareis only applicable to children from the age of 2 to 11 and they must stay with two adults.It does not include bed or breakfast.
  • The prices shown for Air + hotel accommodation / cruise package products are on per-person basis.  Unless stated otherwise, all rooms are to be standard room.
  • Fuel surcharge is based on the announcement by airlines.  If there is any increase of fuel surcharge by the airline after the ticket is issued, the passenger is required to pay the additional fee before departure.


  • Breakfast is not included unless stated otherwise. Some hotels may charge additional government taxes.
  • Hotel star rating / quality / and hotel website are for reference ONLY. These ratings are not regarded as standard and official local ratings. They can vary among hotels in the same class and / or the various countries It is the sole responsibility of the customer whether to make the decision to book.
  • The hotel pictures / information on the website, including amenities and facilities are provided by the hotel. This information is for reference only. For any discrepancy exists between the website pictures and actual settings, Travel Mama is not liable and responsible.
  • Based on individual country regulations, traveller under the age of 18 and is not travelling with parent/ adult, hotel reservation is subject to hotel approval
  • In booking a Taiwan hotel, a fee for an extra bed will be charged for children over 110 cm in height. If such information is not provided during reservation, traveler will bear any extra cost.
  • ONLY 2 persons are allowed to stay in a twin room / double room / semi double room.
  • Two single beds or one double bedare generally provided in a “Double Room”.
  • The size of a“Small Double Room” (also known as “Semi-Double Room”) is smaller than the standard double room; the bed size in “Small Double room” is also smaller than the average bed size.  “Small double room” may be allowed to accommodate a maximum of two adults or one adult and one child.
  • Two single beds or one double bed plus an additional bed, which is normally a single bed 『rollaway bed or sofa bed,』are generally provided in a “Triple Room”.
  • Additional hotel benefit can only be applicable to a maximum of two registered guestsper room and is only valid during their stay.  The benefit is non- transferable and non-refundable.


Cruise Restriction

  • The terms and conditions of cruise products are subject to the final discretion of the Cruise Company and it can be changed without notice.
  • Cruise Routes, berthing, sailing time and all taxes are subject to the arrangement of Cruise Company
  • Travel Mama is not responsible for the costs of any transfers between airports or terminals.
  • Cruise Company reserves the right to change and cancel of routes or berthing at the harbour,which may result in loss or interruption of the trip,in which case the Cruise Company and Travel Mama will not be responsible.
  • Cabin assignment is based on the actual availability of cabin by the cruise lines and may be subject to the best arrangements by cruise lines.
  • If there is any change in the port charges and government tax after payment has been settled, passengers have to pay the additional charges before departure.
  • According to the Travel Industry Council instructions, the 0.15% stamp charge on the cruise package receipt is, for the Travel Industry Compensation Fund, to protect cruise package, by the HKTIC (Hong Kong Travel Industry Council).  For details, please contact the Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board.

Theme ticket & Rail Pass Restriction

  • Entrance ticket or rail pass is not refundable and must be used within the specified period, otherwise it will be deemed invalid.
  • Japanese rail pass must be redeemed locally within 3 months from the issue date, otherwise it will become invalid.
  • In application for refund on Japanese rail pass, the pass must be wholly unused. The application must be carried out as soon as possible.


  • Passenger is advised to purchase travel insurance before traveling, he/ she can contact our office by phone or in person.
  • Passenger must arrive at the check-in counter 3 hours before departure time and present the valid travel document.  The check -in counter will be closed 60 minutes before estimated departure time
  • Some airlines require passenger to reconfirm the return/ onward flight booking at least 72 hours before travel. Failure to reconfirm the flight booking directly with airline may result in cancellation of flight.
  • According to airline policy, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to pass through the boarding gate on or before the time specified by the airline. The airline will not bear any responsibility nor make concession to accommodate such passenger.
  • Prices quoted on the website are derived from various sources and may not be updated daily. You may wish to verify actual prices on the date of booking.
  • Airline regulations disallow female passenger, who will be 28 weeks into her pregnancy or more on date of travel. If in doubt, please check with the concerned airline and consult your doctor. Infants must be at least 6 weeks old to travel by air and must either sit on an adult’s lap or in baby cot.Please contact the airline for details on appropriate seating arrangement. Children aged 2 years or more must require a seat
  • When booking airticket or hotel, passenger can enter Frequent Flyer Program or Hotel Loyalty Program information and membership number.   Please note that there are restrictions in the respective terms and conditions of such programs.  The recognition and award are subject to the approval from the respective program operators, please contact them for details.
  • Inany special circumstances, such as the visa delay, overbooked hotel situation,abrupt change of flight schedule, aircraft types or en-route locations etc, the Company or its business partner doesnot bear any responsibility for such changes.  The Companywill make every effort to deal with any delay situation, however, the company or its delegate agency will not be responsible for any cost arises from such circumstances.
  • In case of unexpected incidents such as typhoons, rainstorms, natural disasters, political unrest or epidemic, passenger should pay attention to news broadcasts or contact airline to confirm whether there is any change or cancellation of flight.  As flight operating normally,please follow normal check-in procedure.  The Company shall not be responsible for any additional costs such as hotel accommodation, transportation fees, long distance telephone charges, as a result from the incidents mentioned above.

Travel Document / Visa  

  • Passengers must ensure their passport / travel document to have at least six months validity from the return date.
  • Passenger must hold valid entry visa.  The companyis not liable for any problem arises from personal travel document issue.
  • Taiwan Landing Visa Requirements: passenger MUST present HKID card AND together with either SAR or BNO travel document, which indicates Hong Kong to be the birthplace to Taiwan Immigration.
  • Passenger should check with the consulateearly on for visa requirement and changes.Passenger must hold a valid passportand visa.  Please allow sufficient time for visa application process for it will take some time. The Company shall not be responsible forany delay or rejection of visa.
  • For non-HKSAR citizen, please contact the Embassy for information and advice on the visa requirements of theproposed countries to visit.
  • Visitor to the U.S. tour: according to the U.S. Consulate visa waiver program, visitor must apply e-visa transitESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) online.
  • HK resident holding foreign passport must carry Hong Kong Identity Card to facilitate immigration upon re-entry to Hong Kong.  According to the Hong Kong Immigration Ordinance, with exception to HK resident, all foreign passport holder must hold a valid travel document and a return air ticket before entering Hong Kong
  • If travel involves various international destinations, passenger is solely responsible to ensure that he/she is to obtain relevant visa or transit visa and valid passport, which must have a minimum of 6 months validity from the return date, and comply with all immigration requirements
  • Passenger should be in totally compliance with local national law,which strictly prohibits passenger from carrying illegal goods and requires passenger to declare personal goods and cash accurately.

Special Request

  • For seat assignment request(especially in economy class), Travel Mama has no control over the request and cannot make guarantee, even for in-advance request to the airline.
  • Travel Mama will pass‘special requests’from customer, such as meal, wheelchair and baby cot etc., to the airline / hotel for final approval.


  • If passenger wishes to change or cancel the flight + hotel booking, please contact our office. We will endeavor our best to assist your booking.  In general, flight + hotel bookings are non-changeable and non-refundable, and therefore any change to flight or hotel may require the purchase of a new flight or hotel booking. Passenger will be liable for all associated costs of new booking.